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If your goal to become a Herbalife Member is to obtain a discount on products for your personal use, or start a Herbalife business, we are proud to welcome you into the Herbalife.
We are convinced that our science-based products are the best and that the Herbalife opportunity is unrivaled in the direct selling industry.
These provide valuable information that will help ensure a positive experience with your Herbalife Membership!
Securities Guarantees
There are no minimum monthly purchase requirements and the initial costs are low
There is a full 90-day money back guarantee for the amount of the Herbalife Member Pack, if the Membership is canceled for any reason.
There is a 100% money back guarantee on products purchased in the 12 months prior to the cancellation of the Membership, regardless of the reason for cancellation.
The acquisition of sales and commercial tools is not mandatory to start or promote your Herbalife Membership.
We clearly define the benefits of each product and the most appropriate method of use directly on the product label.

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